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Optimize your fertility, prep your body for pregnancy, and balance your hormones, naturally.

There's so much more to women's health than invasive procedures, pills, and questionable herbal concoctions.

 Whether you're trying to conceive on your own, using assisted reproductive technology, or looking to rid yourself of PMS symptoms once and for all, lifestyle medicine works.

Food, fun, and fitness can go a long way in helping your reach your goals.

What you eat, think, and do can help you make the  most of your fertility, say bye bye to PMS, or balance your blood sugar and hormones.

You can improve your fertility, make peace with your period, achieve hormonal health, and love the skin you're in, simply and naturally.

What You'll Get

  • One-on-One virtual coaching
  • Meal and snack formulas to easily put together simple fertility friendly meals
  • Aromatherapy Recipes for Health and Fertility
  • Grocery Guide for a Fertile Kitchen
  • Recipes and Meal Ideas
  • Fertility and Pregnancy Friendly Personal Product Guides
  • Email checkins with me between sessions (only for 3 month packages)
  • Access to professional grade supplements and personalized supplement recommendations

Coaching is right for you if:

  • You're planning to conceive in the next 3 months to a year and you want to know what you can do to increase your fertility, naturally.
  • You're a go getter who's planning to get pregnant... someday. Right now it's not at the top of your to-do list, but you want to optimize your fertility so when the time is right you're ready.
  • You have PCOS and want to use wellness tools to balance your blood sugar and hormones, while enhancing your fertility.
  • You'd like to know how to alleviate your endometriosis symptoms simply and naturally.
  • You're actively trying to conceive (TTC) and want to make sure your lifestyle supports your goal.
  • You're so over PMS. You're ready to say bye bye to bloat, so long to mood swings, and kick cramps to the curb.
  • You're pregnant and need help with morning sickness, cravings, and constipation. Or just sorting through ALL the (unsolicited) prenatal nutrition advice and google results.
  • You want to feel, look, and be healthier, happier, and more productive.
  • You've tried diets in the past, with less than stellar results, but now you want a lifestyle you can and actually want to stick to.
  • You've recently given birth and you're ready to build your body back up after it gave so much of itself to your little pumpkin.

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Coaching Options

1-One Hour Video or Phone Coaching Session - $145

Meet with me one-on-one to discuss women's health, fertility, prenatal, breastfeeding, or postpartum nutrition. You'll learn the basics to set a firm foundation to meet your wellness goals.

1-One Hour Video or Phone Coaching Session, 1-Thirty Minute Followup - $200 

Get one-on-one support to meet your wellness and fertility goals. We'll create a plan unique to you and your life. At your follow-up, we'll fine tune your plan so you can reach the next level.


Endometriosis Nutrition Coaching with Kendra Tolbert registered dietitian nutritionist.001.jpeg

1-One Hour & 5-Thirty Minute Video or Phone Coaching Sessions to Support Endometrial and Hormonal Health - $475

Together we'll work through the food, environment, and lifestyle factors that could be the root cause of your endometriosis symptoms.

Through food, fitness, and other wellness tools, we'll start to get you some relief from the pain, tummy upset, and discomfort.

PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Nutrition Coaching with Kendra Tolbert Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.001.jpeg

1-One Hour & 5-Thirty Minute Video or Phone Coaching Sessions to Support Ovarian and Hormonal Health - $475

Lifestyle is the key component of PCOS care. Making health and wellness habit changes can go a long way in bringing your blood sugar in balance, enhancing your fertility, reducing your risk of heart disease down the road.

Together, we'll create a tailor-made plan, just for you, to increase your chances of ovulating, restore your hormonal harmony, and improve your fertility.

1-One Hour & 5-Thirty Minute Video or Phone Coaching Sessions to Support Your Fertility - $475

Over the course of three months, you'll learn and put to use scientifically sound, simple, and doable ways to eat, live, and think so you can conceive with the most ease possible. 

We'll create a personalized plan that won't break the bank, deprive you of your favorite foods, or require to drink down questionable concoctions that make you gag.

Together, we'll improve your hormonal balance, egg health, and uterine lining to  get you ready to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy.

1-One Hour & 5-Thirty Minute Video or Phone Coaching Sessions to Support a Healthy Pregnancy - $475

If you're already pregnant you've probably received and read your fair share of confusing and contradictory info. I'll give you the truth and help you manage those pesky pregnancy problems, simply and naturally. The sessions will be spread across the duration of your pregnancy.

How you eat, move, and think during your affects your health, your baby's health, heck! it even affects your grandchildren's health. That's a great responsibility, one I'm all too happy to help you navigate. Together, we'll create a plan you'll actually want to follow, so you can feel good during your pregnancy and give birth to the healthiest baby possible.

1-One Hour & 5-Thirty Minute Video or Phone Coaching Sessions to Support Postpartum Recovery - $475

You've just had your baby (or maybe babies). Congrats! Now it's time to replenish yourself, heal, and rebuild. And you want to do it the right way. No tummy wrap and starvation diet for you. You just had a baby after all. You need your energy and strength. 

Together, over the course of three months, we'll create a plan to help you regain your strength, heal, and create a healthy body. And if you have any breastfeeding or infant feeding questions, I'm more than happy to answer those for you, too.


    Do you meet with men, too?

    My focus is women's health but if you're a man looking to improve your fertility, I would be happy to work with you.

    Can my partner and I meet with you together?

    There's no one size fits all when it comes to wellness. What you need may be drastically different than what your partner needs. I highly recommend you meet with me alone for our first few sessions so we can focus on creating a plan that's right for you. This is your chance to focus on you. Down the road, we can schedule an appointment for your partner or a joint appointment.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    Your packages can be purchased using all major credit cards, HSA cards, and Paypal.

    How much will be charged if I choose the payment plan option?

    You will be charged $163 each month for three months, for a total of $489 for a three month package. There are no payment plan options for single sessions or Women's Wellness Primers.

    Do you accept insurance?

    At this time, I don't accept insurance but I'm more than happy to create a super bill for you. A super bill is a document you submit to your insurance provider to request reimbursement for your out of pocket medical expenses. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee your insurance company will reimburse you.

    I've purchased my package, what's next?

    Check your inbox for a confirmation of your purchase and an initial confirmation of your appointment if you have scheduled one. There, you'll find the link to your welcome package, directions for scheduling your appointments, and directions for downloading the videoconferencing app/ the link to my virtual office. 

    If you don't see these emails in your inbox, check your spam or promotional folder. Still don't see them? Email me at kendra@livefertile.com and we'll get it squared away.

    When will my package expire?

    Your package expires one year after the purchase date. However, I strongly encourage you to get started right away and use all your appointments within the first three months after purchasing your package. Any unused appointments will be forfeited and no refund for unused appointments will be provided.

    What if I need to reschedule or cancel a session?

    I understand life happens. If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the full coaching session. Of course, I make exceptions for emergencies. If  I must reschedule, it will be done as far in advance as possible.

    Please, if you know in advance you'll be late, let me know as soon as possible. If you're late without prior notification, you will be charged the full amount of the session fee and your session will not be extended past the originally scheduled session end time. 

    What's your refund policy?

    If you purchase a package but decide you would like a refund, I will refund you the full amount ASAP as long as the request is made before your package or appointment begins. Once have redeemed an appointment, I will not be able to refund you the full package amount.

    Do you meet with clients in person?

    At this time, I don't meet with clients in person.