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How to Prepare for Pregnancy With Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a game changer. When it comes to managing stress and PMS pain, very little comes close. It's amazing how quickly a couple of drops can banish cramps and mellow a haggard soul.

I love singing essential oils' praises. So I was beyond excited when one of you lovely readers asked how to use essential oils to balance your hormones and prepare for pregnancy. Thanks for the post idea; you know who you are! This one's for you.

Wanna know how to use aromatherapy to create a more fertile and fruitful body and mind? Read on.

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Made for a Garden: The Benefits of Forest Bathing

What is Forest Bathing?

There's very little I won't try in the name of health and wellness, but I was convinced I found my limit with this one. I assumed forest bathing involved marinating naked in a lake surrounded by trees, praying no living creature came along. That didn't seem relaxing. Thank God I was wrong!

Forest bathing is simply spending time walking, mindfully, and unhurriedly in nature, preferably in (surprise, surprise) a forest. The combo of the natural aromas, fresh air, and beautiful scenery relaxes and rejuvenates us. 

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The Only 3 Essential Oils You Need

There are hundreds of essential oils available. Crazy, I know, and yes I want them all. While each one shines in its own way, many of the benefits overlap from oil to oil. Which is great news; that means you don't need to buy a massive kit to get started with aromatherapy. 

The Essential Oil Starter Kit

I've heard it said by many herbalists and aromatherapists and it's true: it's better to know one oil (or herb) and its many uses really well than it is to know a little bit about and only one way to use a lot of them. In my opinion, there are really only three essential oils you need.

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3 Ways to Use Essential Oils

I. AM. OBSESSED, absolutely obsessed with essential oils. I have always dabbled with using them but after putting together some wellness tips with the health educator at the clinic I work in, I decided to get serious about learning more about aromatherapy. I recently completed an introduction to aromatherapy course and have decided to work on getting certified next year. And I fully intend to share the wealth of knowledge I gain along the way with you lovely folks.

There are so many oils and so many ways to use them, it would take forever to cover it all.  So I will share just a few of my faves.

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