Don't Forget to Leave Room For Magic

A few days ago I was chatting with a friend about infertility and how much we dislike the label, "infertile." She shared a story about a loved one that filled me with so much hope.

Someone close to her had been diagnosed with infertility at a pretty young age, which understandably was devastating. Despite her diagnosis, she never stopped trying. And years, I'm talking decades later, the woman spontaneously got pregnant, gave birth to a healthy baby (though she was well past the age that was thought to be possible) AND then got pregnant again and had another healthy little nugget of delight.

It got me thinking about how important it is that we leave a little room in our hearts for magic. That's not always easy to do that with all of our medical diagnoses, stats, predictive equations, risk assessments, and probability analysis that try to tell us how likely we are to conceive right down to the 100th decimal place, but it's so important.

Miracles happen every single day. Our bodies were designed to heal and find balance. I've seen, heard about, and read too many stories of folks who have overcome the insurmountable and have done the impossible to not believe in magic and miracles.

And if you take a look at your life or the lives of people you know, I'm sure you've experienced things that defy science too.

I'm a huge fan of science. I believe in the power of science. Maintaining my credentials mandates that I practice in line with science. But I also know science doesn't have all the answers. Yeah, I said it.

And for those things science can't explain or explain away, I choose faith. Heck, I choose faith first. Science can come along for the ride and where the two agree, awesome. But where the two diverge, I choose to continue on with faith.

Just about every culture has folklore about supernatural pregnancies and births. I don't know of any world religions without their own tales of babies born in miraculous ways. In the spiritual tradition I was raised in, stories of Sara, Hannah, Rachel, and Elizabeth left me believing God can and often does open wombs and give children to women who were labeled barren no matter their age or how long they've been waiting. 

You don't have to believe in the God of the Christian bible or the Jewish Torah to acknowledge that there are things that are surprisingly wonderful, awe-inspiring, and unbelievable that exist or happen all around us every day.

The fact that you're alive and breathing and reading this post is miraculous. Do you know the odds of your parents meeting, creating you, giving birth to you, you surviving past your first year of life, continuing to live, learning to read, continuing to live, finding this post, and actually reading it? It's darn near zero. The odds of all that happening are darn near zero. And yet, here you are.

You, my friend, are a miracle. And if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that like begets like. An apple seed never grew up to be a peach tree. And I have yet to see a cat give birth to a squirrel. So, since you're a miracle, I'm convinced miracles can happen to you. I'm convinced you can give birth to a miracle.

Wishing you much love, pixie dust, and unicorn farts,


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