Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Pregnancy Nutrition

My obsession with women's health nutrition began as an obsession with prenatal nutrition. So putting together this guide was a bit like being reunited with an old pal.

Food and nutrition during pregnancy are uber important. What you eat during this time affects how you feel, your health, and the health of your baby. Not only that, food can also be a powerful ally in your quest to remedy some of the not so pleasant pregnancy symptoms.

So whether you're experiencing constipation, morning sickness, heartburn, all the above or none of the above, food is your friend during this time. 

I hope this info helps you make food choices that support a healthier, happier pregnancy. Plus, simplifies the often overly prescriptive and complicated advice women are given about nutrition during pregnancy.

You may notice there aren't any calorie recommendations on this infographic. Wanna know why? 'Cause I think calorie counting is hogwash. Simple as that.

Calorie counts on labels and from nutrient databases are often inaccurate. They only tell you the average amount found in particular food, not the exact amount of the one you're eating. And your body doesn't absorb every single calorie in a food. But most importantly, from what I've seen, counting calories switches the focus from quality to quantity. And when it comes to food, quality matters a whole lot more than quantity.

Plus, there's the fact that you're not a robot. Your needs are fluid and change from day to day. And your body is well designed to manage those changes. Ever notice some days you're less hungry? Or maybe after a workout you notice you're ravenous. Know why? Because your body knows (far better than some scientist who calculated averages, you my friend are not average) what it needs.

I really could camp out on this topic all day, but instead I'll encourage you to read the guide below then head over to the following sites to learn more about intuitive and mindful eating:

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pregnancy nutrition guide