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If I could wave a magic wand and give you the life and health of your dreams, what would that look like?

If you're thinking “I’d have regular, normal periods." Or "I”d ovulate on my own and get pregnant." Or maybe "I’d finally have a doctor’s appointment that doesn’t end in a lecture about my weight," I can tell you, you're not alone.

And I can also tell you, you don't need a magic wand to find the relief you've been looking for. 

You can feel happier, healthier, and more feminine. More than that, you deserve to.  

Maybe you've tried ALL. THE. DIETS, taken every supplement and medication under the sun, or worked out without seeing the results you expected. Your periods are still wonky,  your hormones are still out of whack, and you're just sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

I promise you, it's not your fault you haven't experienced the transformation and relief you were told cutting carbs, or doing more cardio, or taking birth control pills would deliver. Not your fault at all. The truth is, those things only mask your symptoms and sometimes make them worse than ever. They don't address the underlying causes. You deserve more than that.

You deserve care that gets to the root of your PCOS symptoms. 

Not more untested pills, potions, and pressure to fixate on the number on the scale. By getting to the root, you can finally balance your blood sugar and hormones, find peace around food, and feel good in your body for good.

If you're ready for real, lasting change without overwhelm, confusion, and deprivation, I'd be honored to guide you on your journey.

Using yoga, culinary herbalism, aromatherapy, and nutrition, we'll address the underpinnings of your PCOS symptoms. 

And I'll be right there guiding you, encouraging you, and working side-by-side with you until you reach your goals.

Results past clients have experienced:

  • normalized menstrual cycles

  • happy, healthy pregnancies and babies

  • reduced unwanted facial and body hair

  • decreased feelings of anxiety

  • increased insulin sensitivity and improved blood sugar balance and insulin resistance

  • more confidence and consistency around nutrition and lifestyle chances

  • less confusion and fear about food

  • lower cholesterol levels

What's Included:

  • Convenient one-on-one virtual sessions. So no matter where you are, I can be right there with you.

  • A personalized yoga sequence tailored to your body and goals, plus daily practices to support your hormones.

  • Meal templates to take the guesswork out of putting together meals and snacks. Learn to eat in a health and fertility supportive way with freedom and simplicity.

  • Food journal and meal reviews.

  • Aromatherapy, culinary herbalism, and supplement recommendations you can trust.

  • Tailored nutrition and wellness education and counseling to take you from where you are to where you envision yourself being.

  • Weekly follow-ups to troubleshoot obstacles and build momentum.


Ready to get started? 

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*Packages start at $350/month and require a three-month commitment. Payment plans are available.