Yoga and PCOS Course - Coming Soon!

Your body’s unique. So is your history. And so are your goals. I believe your yoga can and should be as unique as you.

Each video in Yoga and PCOS is designed to support the hormonal and physical changes of the four phases of your cycle. Whether you’re trying to conceive with or without assisted reproductive technology or looking to find relief from PCOS symptoms but not actively trying to get pregnant, this course is for you.

Learn and practice hormone and ovulation supporting yoga poses, breathing exercises, mudras, meditations, and affirmations. With regular practice, yoga can help you:

  • regulate your menstrual cycle

  • reduce the amount of unwanted facial and body hair growth

  • decrease feelings of anxiety

  • increase insulin sensitivity to improve blood sugar balance and insulin resistance

  • put a damper on inflammation

  • manage the stress of trying to conceive

The 15-minute video format fits perfectly into your already busy day, giving you a moment of refreshment and reflection. Practice yoga in your own home. Get comfy, no make-up, fancy yoga pants, or mat needed. No commute or time constraints to prevent you from moving and breathing your way to healthier hormones and balanced hormones.

What's you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to the full program

  • An in-depth look into why and how yoga supports hormone health

  • Ten 15-minute yoga videos

  • PCOS + Yoga E-book

  • PCOS + Yoga Kitchen and Meal Guides