Check out these free PCOS, Fertility, and Women’s Health videos on YouTube and IGTV.

I’m passionate about women feeling good in and about their bodies. That’s why I teach yoga and create yoga videos that help to address the underlying factors behind PCOS symptoms and suboptimal fertility. Coupled with quality medical care, yoga is a powerful adjunct approach to managing women’s health concerns. It has been studied for it’s impact on:

  • PCOS hormones and symptoms

  • quality of life for women and couples who’re experiencing infertility

  • endometriosis pain relief

  • conception rates

  • PMS related pain and mood disturbances

  • insulin and inflammation levels

I’ve personally experienced relief from life-disrupting period pain. I hope you find as much benefit practicing the sequences in these videos as I have found by practicing yoga. Enjoy!

YouTube PCOS & Fertility Yoga Videos

IGTV PCOS & Fertility Yoga Videos