Get personalized yoga videos designed for your unique goals, health, and hormones.

Tailored yoga sessions can be a very powerful way to support your health, hormones, and fertility. The way it works is, you and I meet virtually and discuss you, your life, and your goals. Based on the info you share, I’ll create two videos just for you. One to be used in the first half of your cycle, the other for the second half. Within three weeks you’ll have your videos to start practicing. A few weeks later, we’ll meet again to troubleshoot and share wins.

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Step 1
Purchase your package and book your 30 minute initial session below. During that session, we'll review your forms, and chat about your medical history, your women's health related goals, and current activity level.

Step 2
I'll get to work on your videos right away! Sit back and enjoy the women's health yoga videos on my YouTube channel and Instagram account while your videos are created.

Step 3

Within three weeks, you'll receive your two 30-minute tailor made videos

Step 4
One month after your videos are delivered, we'll meet again to discuss the videos and next steps!


Ready to get started? 

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