Hi there! These are my favorite books, supplements, and products to support your reproductive and fertility health. If you purchase anything using these links, I’ll receive a small commission, which allows me to continue to create and share helpful content. Thanks for your support!

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Ritual Women’s Multivitamin and Prenatal

Ritual makes one of my favorite multivitamins and prenatals. Easy to swallow, the prenatal contains omega 3s, and they’re ridiculously pretty.

My Favorite Supplement for PCOS

Improves egg quality, menstrual regularity, and insulin resistance. Use the link below for $10 off a three month supply. Shipping is free on all online Theralogix orders.

Theralogix Ovasitol Inositol Supplement

Care/ of Prenatal

Another one of my favorite prenatals. While it’s not as easy to swallow as Ritual, it has a great combination of vitamins and minerals to support conception and pregnancy. Use code LIVEFERTILE for two weeks of supplements for free with your first order.


My Favorite Yoga Mat and Props

Books and DVDs for PCOS, Fertility, and General Women's Health

Circle+Bloom Guided Meditations for PCOS and Fertility