Yoga and PCOS Fertility Legs Up the Wall Bound Angle Variation

There's more to women's health and fertility than invasive procedures, pills, and questionable concoctions.

You can improve your fertility, make peace with your period, and love the skin you're in simply and naturally.

Whether you're trying to conceive on your own, using assisted reproductive technology, or looking to dampen PMS symptoms, yoga can make a huge difference.

No more playing whack-a-mole with your symptoms. Get to the root and influence your health and hormones with movement, breath, and meditation.

I’ve seen yoga instantly transform anxious thoughts (common with PCOS) into peace. I’ve seen women get their periods back with a regular yoga practice. I’ve seen women finally feel good in their bodies after years of struggling with diet after diet. And I’ve personally improved my own menstrual cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting (TMI?) with the help of yoga.

Yoga can:

  • provide relief from pain associated with dysmenorrhea

  • lower insulin and androgen levels of women with PCOS

  • as a part of a mind-body program, improve conception rates

  • promote interoception to help you better tune into your body’s needs

  • improve quality of life of those undergoing assisted reproductive technology

  • reduce inflammation

  • boost body image and body satisfaction

  • slow and possibly reverse signs of aging

As great as yoga can be for the mental and physical health, it’s not always easy to squeeze into your day. Whether it’s because you’ve got a busy schedule, don’t have a studio near your home, or don’t feel comfortable in a room full of ex-dancers and gymnasts in tiny leggings, an hour plus long studio yoga session isn’t always an option. Which is why I teach yoga online. ‘Cause I think every woman who wants it, should have access to yoga.

Get two personalized yoga videos designed for your unique goals, health, and hormones.

Tailored yoga sessions can be a very powerful way to support your health, hormones, and fertility.

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