The Birth of a Dream

cslewis2 As I stared at my computer screen, I couldn't help but notice all of the baby pictures. When did everyone I went to school with get married and have children? It must have happened when I moved to New York for grad school to become a registered dietitian. Then, as if every news agency under the sun had read my mind and my timeline, article after article came to my attention to remind me that time was ticking and the longer I waited to become a mother the less likely it was to happen. Surely, nutrition and fitness held some answers to increasing my chances when I decided the time was right to have children. The search began!

I found books and articles to build my plan. I was going to stay Fertile by staying Fit while I pursued Fabulousness in every area of my life. That day, sitting in front of my screen, I conceived a dream, today this post, marks its birth. From this post forward you can expect book reviews, article reviews, details on what I choose to eat, how I stay active, and maybe a bit about about my take on beauty and fashion. Feel free to chime in and share your story too.

Kendra TolbertComment