What does it mean to Live Fertile?

To LIVE FERTILE is to live the most joyful, productive, and fruitful life you can by caring for your body, mind, and soul. Whether your goal is to have more energy, make peace with your body, or get pregnant, living F.E.R.T.I.L.E. can help you get there.  

It's all about:

Fun Fitness for Fertility - Yoga Belly Dance

Fun Fitness

Say no thank you to drudgery, routine, and soul sucking exercises that feel like torture and punishment. Instead, find ways to move your body that also move your soul and add some fun to your day. This is crucial for achieving optimal wellbeing.

Enjoyable Eats Food for Fertility Nutrition

Enjoyable Eats

What we choose to eat affects our mood, fertility, health, productivity, and appearance. Every bite we take has the potential to delight our senses, replenish our bodies and minds, and lift our spirits. Choosing nourishing foods that taste delicious is a great way to show yourself some love. 

Rejuvenation Rest Relaxation Stress Management Self-Care Fertility


Rejuvenation is all about taking the time to rest, getting the right amount of sleep for your body, and doing things that restore your peace, joy, and energy so you can make the most of each day. 

Transcendence Spirituality God Fertility


Tending to our spiritual needs is essential to creating a more fruitful life. A spiritual life that has been nurtured and developed leads to a more resilient and vibrant life. 

Integrative Functional Medicine Aromatherapy Herbalism Supplements Fertility

Integrative Approaches

Aromatherapy, supplementation, meditation, music therapy, acupuncture, massage, the list of integrative and functional approaches for maximizing your wellbeing is practically endless. They're incredibly powerful tools which energize, support, and enhance the life and body you're creating.

Love Community Relationship Fertility


Being a part of a loving community and practicing self love are the often overlooked keys to creating a thriving life. Love yourself and love others. All good and permanent change starts there.

Emotional Wellbeing Fertility Mind-Body-Heart

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional health plays a huge role in physical health. Find ways to add more whimsy, wonder, and tranquility to your life and watch your body become more vibrant.