Hi there!

Hi there,

I'm Kendra, a yoga teacher, aromatherapist, and dietitian. As a 30-something year old woman who has decided to delay motherhood, I’m super passionate about doing all I can to preserve and protect my fertility while living a fun, full life.

I love helping women who want to conceive (someday or today) preserve and optimize their fertility all without restrictive diets, exhausting exercise, and extreme measures.

There's no shortage of confusing, conflicting, and overwhelming fertility nutrition and lifestyle info out there. Social media, books, magazines, TV. Everywhere you look someone's reminding you that your biological clock’s ticking. And everyone seems to have an opinion about what you should do with your eggs or what you should eat to maximize your chances of conceiving.

There are those who'll tell you Keto's the way to go. No, paleo. Mmm mmm, you should try intermittent fasting. But these one size fits all rules and plans don't fit your life or likes. 'Cause you, my friend, are one of a kind.

Weaving together mindful movement, delightful and nutritious food, aromatherapy, and self-care practices, we can enhance our fertility with joy, ease, and simplicity. 'Cause the journey to health shouldn't be filled with deprivation, confusion, or drudgery.

I promise, you won't catch me recommending:

  • counting calories or grams of carbs, fat, or protein.

  • giving up your favorite food

  • some ridiculous detox

  • working out till you fear you're gonna pass out or throw up, or

  • living off of meal replacement shakes, bars, or smoothies

Just not my style. And honestly, none of the above leads to long lasting health, happiness, or balanced hormones. They just leave you feeling hungry and anxious. Also, not my style.

Make yourself a cup of tea, get comfy, and have a look around the site. You’ll find fertility and PCOS yoga info, women’s health tips, and the occasional overshare about my own personal journey.

Professional Bio

Kendra Tolbert MS, RDN, CDN, LD, RYT, Cert AT is a registered dietitian nutritionist, registered yoga teacher, and certified aromatherapist from San Diego, CA. She completed her Masters degree in Nutrition and Public Health at Teachers College, Columbia University. She was awarded the Emerging Professional Award from the Women's Health Dietetic Practice Group.

Kendra has experience helping individuals, families, and communities make improvements to their health and lives by adopting healthier habits. Her areas of expertise include women's health, PCOS, fertility, community nutrition, and integrative and functional nutrition. Kendra has been featured on and written for a number of websites.

Previously, Kendra worked as an acute care clinical dietitian, outpatient oncology dietitian, nutrition educator, a community nutritionist, and consultant for nonprofit organizations. When not reading, writing, or coaching her yoga and nutrition clients, she enjoys taking dance and yoga classes, journaling, and body rolling to 90's pop and R&B.


What people are saying…


“Kendra was able to determine the reason I always failed at dieting and gave me simple and manageable tips to help improve the way I eat. I still use these [tips] today. She cared for me outside of sessions. She sent emails checking in or researched things she believed would help. Kendra is extremely easy to talk to and each session was very therapeutic.”


“Kendra was born to be a dietitian but never once did I feel like I was speaking to a stereotypical cookie cutter dietitian. She was able to take my very important latin diet and offered suggestions on how to incorporate my diet with my goals. She was also realistic and I still have her quote written on my chalkboard “Going to the extreme isn’t balance.” This is a quote I look at everyday no matter what change I’ve made to my lifestyle. 

I can’t thank her enough for treating me like a multi-dimensional human being and not just another ‘fat girl that can’t control her eating habits.’ 

She was motivating and made me strive for a healthy lifestyle that didn’t have to look like ‘Instagram Health.’ Kendra was a ray of sunshine through the screen. It was nice to talk to such a positive person that liked me for me and didn’t try to change me in any way but rather worked with my strengths to help me with my goals.”