5 Fabulously Fun Ways to Stay Fit

Pirates_of_the_Sky_6 It's the beginning of the year; the time of year when we are all thinking of ways to improve our lives. We want to be more productive, finally clean that closet, or get in shape. And this year we fully intend to stick with it. This year will be different.

I am notorious for setting the most noble of goals only to withdraw my vow once the reality of how boring the steps necessary to attain those goals will be. I finally wised up and decided the only hope I have of sticking to my goals is to find a way to enjoy the journey not just long for the destination. So this year to stay active I have chosen five fun forms of exercise:

1. Aerial Hoop All aerial arts are an amazing workout. All forms build and require ridiculous amounts of core and upper body strength. They also improve flexibility. Plus hanging upside down is just plain old fun. I literally jut came from a Level 1 Aerial Hoop class at Body & Pole. It was awesome. I'm kind of obsessed.

2. Salsa Dancing This lively social dance is my favorite form of cardio. It gives my legs a killer workout. Best part? It doesn't even feel like exercise. You're too busy enjoying the great music, connecting with your partner, and trying out that new move to notice you have been moving nonstop for hours and working up a sweat, in heels no less.

3. Belly Dancing Cloaked in mystery and dripping femininity this ancient dance form is a full body workout. If you have ever taken a class you know all too well the soreness of your aching obliques the next morning.

4. Yoga, especially partner yoga This mainstay in many people's weekly routine is a great stress reliever, increases strength, and improves flexibility. This year I am excited to try partner yoga, a more acrobatic type of yoga that fosters trust, interdependence, and understanding with one's partner.

5. Bike Riding Nothing makes me smile like hopping on my mint green Papillionaire Sommer. Biking provides the benefits of cardio without being too hard on the knees. It also improves balance and coordination.

How do you manage to stick to your goals? What's your favorite form of exercise?

Kendra Tolbert2 Comments