Fun Fitness Review: The Vixen Workout

Vixen Workout Review

I am super excited to reiew The Vixen Workout, a hip hop  based cardio dance party which aims to whip women into shape physically while also celebrating our individuality and unique beauty. This workout is all about empowering women to own their power and sensuality. It is sassy, sexy, and most importantly, effective.

The class was created by professional dancer, Janet Jones, who wanted to create a space for women to, without judgement, dance and enjoy the company of other women while getting in shape.

The class starts with an introduction for the newbies in the group. First timers are asked to come to the front where they are met with cheers and claps from the vets. It is awesome to be in the company of women who genuinely care about and enjoy building up and encouraging other women.

Then on comes the music. I must warn you, the music here proudly sports a Parental Advisory Explicit Content rating. If you attend a class, expect a mixture of uncensored and unedited hip hop and R&B.

The instructor leads the class through club inspired dance moves, stretches, and calisthenics to bump up your heart rate, limber up those joints, and build sleek toned muscles all the while building confidence and celebrating the feminine form in its many shapes and sizes.

I was shocked by the amount of sweat that was pouring down my forehead. Somehow, I didn't realize just how hard I had been working. Who knew body rolls and gyrations could be such a workout?

The class ends with lunges, squats, crunches, planks, and push ups, followed by proud proclamations of The Vixen Workout slogan and motto. "Stay Hungry, Live Fierce", "Yes I'm Sexy, Yes I'm Fierce, Yes I Got This" pours out of the mouths of the women in attendance. This is yet another reminder that this class is about more than tight abs and toned arms; it is about building women up from the inside out.

After photos are taken, many of the women gather together to quickly catch up, compliment each other, or just take a breather after a job well done.

I would recommend this class to any woman (the class has a strict women only policy) who is looking for a combination of cardio and resistance training that is as fun as it is effective. If you like to dance, this just might be the workout you have been looking for.

Kendra Tolbert1 Comment