Chew On This: Diet, Dental Health, and Fertility

We have all been told a million times we need to brush twice a day, floss regularly, avoid too many sugary drinks and foods, and see our dentist for cleanings and check ups every six months to have a healthy set of teeth. That's not news to anyone. What is not as widely known is that the above steps are necessary for a healthy heart and possibly improved fertility.

Good oral hygiene is important to more than just our pearly whites. For far too long we have seen our dental health as an island to itself. It's time to reconnect our mouths to the rest of our bodies.

The link between heart health and dental health has long been established and widely studied but the connection between dental health and fertility has not been explored as much. Though we don't have a lot of research about it, what we do know is women with periodontal disease seem to take longer to get pregnant than those without periodontal disease.

Taking excellent care of our teeth and gums is one more thing we can do to stay healthy, and possibly fertile, for as long as possible. In addition to regularly scheduled dental exams and good at home dental habits, there are foods we can eat to help keep our teeth and gums healthy.

Chew (or Sip) On These for Healthy Teeth

  • Apples
  • Raw crunchy and fibrous vegetables, like carrots and celery
  • Calcium and vitamin D rich foods
  • Gum and candies sweetened with Xylitol
  • Green Tea
  • Cranberries
Kendra TolbertComment