Avoiding Helmet Hair: 5 Bike Helmet Friendly Hair Dos

I'm (slightly) ashamed to admit this: I have seriously considered not wearing a helmet while riding my bike simply because the thought messing up my hair was almost too much to bear.

Having naturally kinky-coily hair, my hair quickly molds into any shape it is encouraged to take. Just let the wind blow a bit too fast, and my afro turns into a Gumby-esque slope. Cute on some folks, I'm sure, it's just not the look I'm going for. That being said, wearing my hair in an afro, then smashing a helmet on it, simply is not an option. I had to find a solution ASAP.

Pinterest to the rescue, as always! After salivating over a number of hairstyles, I finally settled on a grecian inspired halo twist (#1); something I had done a number of times before, just not with a helmet on my head. One of the best things about this flat twist is the style it morphs into once taken down. Expect soft waves or a stretched, defined twist out depending on your hair's texture. It's a two-for-one deal.

If you're in the market for a helmet friendly hairstyle, just scroll down. You will find a Pinterest roundup of some of the best hairstyles to don under your helmet.

1. Halo Twist

2. Half-Up Hair Tuck

3. DIY Turban For Bike-Friendly Hair

4. Roll, Tuck, and Pin

5. Headband Hair-tuck

How do you keep your hair neat while keeping your head safe?

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