Fun Fitness Review: Aerial Yoga

Determined to try all things Aerial, I took an aerial yoga class with one of my favorite sseals eras and my name twin about a month ago. It was the perfect combo of the calm meditative nature of yoga and the exhilarating fun of aerial silks and hoops. It was awesome. My only complaint is that I waited so long to try it.

Since it was a level 1 class things definitely went slow. We did variations of traditional yoga poses using the hammock as support. Think downward dog but with the hammack looped around your hips allowing you to take a swing forward and back at the end of the movement.

Each pose built on the next. Each one a little more challenging than the one before. Near the end of the class we were standing in the hammock, legs shoulder width apart. That may sound simple and easy,  but I assure you it was anything but. My outer thighs and abs had to work overtime to keep the hammock open and my body balanced.

Living in a city of constant noise and hustle it was nice to be in a place of quiet and serenity that didn't take itself too seriously. Lying in the hammock was incredibly relaxing (I fully intend to get one for my house one day.) The sense of weightlessness is just what I needed at the end of a long day of duties and obligations.

If you have an affinity for meditative movement with a dash of playfulness, this class is definitely worth a try.

Kendra Tolbert4 Comments