Five Fertility, Women's Health, and Wellness Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

I love podcasts! I really do. And today, I'm sharing my five favorite wellness, women's health, and fertility (surprise, surprise!) podcasts. Check them out and subscribe if you're on the lookout for quality info about women's wellness from truly knowledgeable women's health experts.

#1 - The Fertility Friday Podcast

Lisa, the creator and host of The Fertility Friday Podcast, is hands down my favorite source for reliable information about the Fertility Awareness Method. As a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Fertility Awareness Educator, she really knows her stuff. Every Friday she shares valuable insights through interviews with a variety of fertility and women's health experts, as well as solo live client sessions. You'll get a peek into how to track your cycle and assess it for clues about your health and fertility.

#2 - The Period Party

The name of this show alone makes me smile. Cohosts, Nat (a doctor of Chinese Medicine) and Nicole (a Certified Women’s Health & Functional Nutrition Coach), interview a parade of women's wellness experts. Expect to find info ranging from the emotional aspects of fertility to environmental toxins affect on reproductive health and even ways you can help women in need access menstrual products. They really have covered all the bases.

#3 - Women's Wellness Radio

Licensed acupuncturist, Bridgit Danner, was one of the first women I came across when I was searching for like minded practitioners to learn from. She has a gentle, balanced, and realistic approach to health and fertility that I really appreciate. No extremes or scare tactics here. Love her.

#4 - Real Food Mamas

Real Food Mamas is hosted by Agalée and Stephanie. Both are registered dietitians and mamas. They have both experienced, firsthand, the power of food to improve women's health issues. Stephanie used food (along with other lifestyle changes) to overcome hypothalamic amennorhea, while Agalée has successfully managed PCOS with nutrition. They share practical information you can easily apply to take the first steps to improving your health, too.

# 5 - Real Food Radio

I first came across Ayla and Nicole's podcast after attending a webinar Ayla held on Dietitian Central on fertility nutrition. It was quality. She is a treasure trove of information about women's health and food. Her podcast with Nicole is equally amazing. They have a real food, integrative medicine approach to health coupled with some serious credentials (both have masters degrees in nutrition and are registered dietitians) and experience to back it up. 

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Please, share them below. I'm always on the lookout for good ones to subscribe to. Happy listening!