Avocados for Fertility, Health, and Beauty

Is there anything more lovely than a freshly cut avocado? No, I don't believe there is. Maybe a bowl of guacamole, maybe. Growing up in the land of fish tacos and the best carne asada fries in the world, my love affair with avocados started at a young age.  And I couldn't be happier that the rest of America is finally singing avocado's praises. You deserve it avocado, you deserve it. 

Not only are avocados incredibly delicious, they're also uncommonly healthful, versatile, and downright photogenic. Their benefits are innumerable and their uses infinite. Whether you're using the oil or the whole fruit, you're sure to reap loads of fertility, health, and beauty benefits.

Avocados and Your Fertility

Time and time again science confirms what we intuitively know, certain nutrients and the foods that contain them have a positive or protective affect on fertility. Each of these studies and "new discoveries" confirms our bodies' need and preference for real, whole, minimally processed food. Avocados definitely fit that description.

Eating more fruits and vegetables seems to provide some level of protection against infertility. A research team recently presented a study which found men and women affected by infertility were less likely to eat vegetables and fruit daily than men and women without fertility issues. Avocados are a great way to up your servings of fruit. And in a completely unique way, since avocados are one of the few fruit high in monounsaturated fatty acids. 

Monounsaturated fats, coming mostly from ample amounts of olive oil, are THE main source of fat in the Mediterranean diet. And we know the Mediterranean diet is possibly the healthiest and most fertility friendly dietary pattern around. Avocado oil, like olive oil, is an excellent source of monounsaturated fats. It makes a great substitute for olive oil in baking or other high heat cooking techniques since it has a higher smoking point.

In addition to the healthy fats avocados are packing, they're also full of the vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals our bodies need for optimal fertility.  For example, just 1/2 of a hass avocado contains 15% of the folate recommended for women in the preconception stage. 

Avocados and Your Health

Avocados are a source of a ridiculous number of nutrients. Seriously, there are too many to list here. Here's a breakdown if you want to know the details. Each of the nutrients avocados give us builds up our bodies and enhances our health. 

The best thing about getting your vitamins and minerals from healthy food, like avocados, rather than supplements is they provide nutrients in the amounts and forms our bodies prefer. Plus, they provide them in synergistic combinations. Synergy is the idea that things work better as a team than they do in isolation.  In the case of nutrition, some nutrients are better absorbed or used in the presence of other nutrients. The fat soluble vitamins are best utilized when there's some fat around. So those vitamins A, D, E, and K that avocados provide are better absorbed because avocados also contain fat. One more reason I will always emphasize food over supplements.

All the goodness found in an avocado promotes health and wellness. It has been found to lower total and LDL cholesterol, as well as triglycerides. Because avocados are low in sugar, high in fiber, and high in healthy fats they're a wise choice to include at meals and snacks to balance blood sugar. Being high in antioxidants, avocados are also incredibly protective to all of our body's different systems and organs including our skin, reproductive organs, and heart.  

Beauty Benefits

Avocado really shines as a beauty food, whether used internally or externally. The oil makes for an amazing fragrance free oil that you can literally use from head to toe. You can use it as a nourishing hot oil treatment, gently rub it on your eyelids to remove eye makeup with ease, or massage it into your cuticles or rough heels.  I cannot personally vouch for this, but I have heard of a lot of people using the whole fruit, mashed or blended, as a hair or face mask. If you've tried it, I'd love to here about your experience. 

Internally, the fats keep our skin, hair, and nails supple while the antioxidants fight against free radical damage preventing uv damage and premature aging. And since avocados don't spike blood sugar they're a an amazing choice for those of us prone to breakouts.

If you're new to avocados or just looking for new ways to use this old favorite, make sure to check out the list and links below.

Ways to Use Avocados and Their Oil

There are loads of ways to get more avocados and their oil into your meals and day:

  • Sauteé or roast your vegetables in avocado oil
  • Add 1/2 of a hass avocado to your vegetable and fruit smoothie
  • Try this vegan chocolate pudding
  • Dress your salad with a splash of apple cider vinegar, some avocado oil, and herbs & spices of your choice
  • Top your salad or scrambled eggs with cubed or sliced avocado
  • Mash avocados to use as an alternative to mayo or butter on sandwiches or toast
  • Blend half of an avocado into your favorite pesto recipe
  • Use avocado oil as the carrier oil for any of your essential oil blends
  • Apply avocado oil to your skin while it's still damp after a shower or bath
  • Brush a dab of the oil into the ends of your hair or add it to your favorite conditioner 
  • Massage olive oil into your face to remove any potentially stubborn makeup
  • Rub a little into sticker tag residue to rid your dishes, mason jars, or glasses of the sticky stuff

The Hass Avocado Board has some really great videos on their Youtube channel with helpful tips and recipes. View a few of their videos by clicking the links below.

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