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Food, Fertility, and Folklore: Cabbage

If I wasn't a dietitian, I would absolutely be an anthropologist. I love learning about other cultures, especially a culture's food, reproductive rituals, dance, and spirituality. So, I thought I'd bring a bit of that to the blog through a new series: Food, Fertility, and Folklore.

I'll be sharing foods that are commonly eaten or given as a gift to improve or bless fertility in different cultures. Then we'll take a look at the science behind that food and its possible effect on fertility. 

First up, cabbage!

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Why I Chose Women's Health and Fertility Nutrition

Have you ever seen a woman give birth? It is one of the most powerful, touching, and downright frightening events this world has ever seen. It happens every single day, yet it is anything but ordinary.

After 40 weeks of being molded and sculpted out of sight, a new life readies itself to enter this world. Suddenly, it's time for the world to receive a beautiful gift. A woman bears excruciating pain, bares her most private of parts without shame, and pushes with all she has, all in hopes of finally locking eyes with the child who already holds her heart. But she rarely does it alone.

Surrounding her from start to finish are relatives and friends, all serving as mommy coaches and cheerleaders. There are doctors, nurses, and midwives providing medical care and support. She is cocooned by community, and most within her community are other women. It's been that way forever. Women have been helping other women give birth to and mother children from time immemorial. And from well before this blog was ever even a thought in my mind, I have longed to be a part of that community of women. I have longed to support other women along their journey to create and nurture life.

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