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How to Choose the Best Prenatal Vitamin

About two weeks ago, a fellow dietitian asked me for a prenatal vitamin recommendation. I've written a post on prenatal vitamins before, but nothing in depth. Her simple question inspired me to write a more thorough guide to help you choose the best prenatal supplement.

This post gives guidance and suggestions, not hard and fast rules. If you can't find a vitamin that meets all the criteria, don't worry! Something's better than nothing. And don't forget, what you eat is far more important than any supplement you take.

I've answered eight of the most common questions I get about prenatal vitamins. If you have any other questions about prenatals, please ask in the comments section below or send me an email. 

Also, check out the end of this post for a free prenatal vitamin checklist you can download and take with you to the store. It'll help you sort through all the options you'll find on the shelves.

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Tips for Picking a Prenatal Vitamin

Ah, the prenatal vitamin. It's the vitamin of choice for many women, whether pregnant or not. Some take it in lieu of a multivitamin to fill in any nutrient gaps in their diet. Others take it in hopes of growing long lush hair and resilient nails. Still others take it because they are trying to get pregnant and want to increase their chances of conceiving.

Whatever the reason, pregnant or not, it's important to choose wisely. Here are 3 quick tips to help you when you find yourself roaming the vitamin aisle in search of a prenatal vitamin.

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