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Kendra was able to determine the reason I always failed at dieting and gave me simple and manageable tips to help improve the way I eat. I still use these [tips] today. She cared for me outside of sessions. Kendra is extremely easy to talk to and each session was very therapeutic.

- S. Chaundry

“Kendra was born to be a dietitian but never once did I feel like I was speaking to a stereotypical cookie cutter dietitian. She was able to take my very important latin diet and offered suggestions on how to incorporate my diet with my goals. She was also realistic and I still have her quote written on my chalkboard “Going to the extreme isn’t balance.” This is a quote I look at everyday no matter what change I’ve made to my lifestyle. 

I can’t thank her enough for treating me like a multi-dimensional human being and not just another “fat girl that can’t control her eating habits.’ 

She was motivating and made me strive for a healthy lifestyle that didn’t have to look like “Instagram Health.’ Kendra was a ray of sunshine through the screen. It was nice to talk to such a positive person that liked me for me and didn’t try to change me in any way but rather worked with my strengths to help me with my goals.

- N. Cape