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Hi there,

I'm Kendra and this is Live Fertile.

I help women feel happy and healthy by balancing their hormones, simply and naturally. All without extremes, deprivation, or overwhelm.

 My goal is to help you feel good in your own skin, say bye bye to dieting and over exercising, and boost your fertility.

Since before I can remember I've loved science, food, and families. As a kid I planned to become a midwife. I would watch every single pregnancy, birth, and new mommy show I could find on TV (anyone else remember "A Birth Story" or "Yummy Mummy"???). That dream faded away, but my desire to help women have healthy pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies never died.

While working as a nutritionist for prenatal and breastfeeding women, infants, and children, I started thinking about all the women who weren't walking through the doors of the clinic, the women who wanted to have children but were struggling to get pregnant. Around that time I also started to think about my own fertility; time was ticking. I've since dedicated myself to doing everything in my power to help women preserve and optimize their fertility.

My approach to health, wellness, and achieving optimal fertility is super simple (and super effective):

  • Love and respect yourself.
  • Show love and respect for your body by moving in enjoyable ways and eating tasty foods that make you feel good.
  • Love and respect other people. 

Living this way, eating well and living well, is the not so secret "secret" to living a happy, healthy, and fertile life. 

I'm excited to share what I know, learn more along the way, and walk this path with you. 

Be well,



Kendra Tolbert MS, RDN, CDN, LDN, RYT-200, CLC, Cert AT, Level One is a registered dietitian nutritionist, registered yoga teacher, certified lactation counselor, and certified aromatherapist from San Diego, CA. She completed her Masters degree in Nutrition and Public Health at Teachers College, Columbia University. Recently, she was awarded the Emerging Professional Award from the Women's Health Dietetic Practice Group.

Kendra has experience helping individuals, families, and communities make improvements to their health and lives by adopting healthier habits. Her areas of interest include women's health, fertility, and integrative and functional nutrition. Kendra has been featured on and written for a number of websites.

Previously, Kendra worked as an acute care clinical dietitian, outpatient oncology dietitian, nutrition educator, a community nutritionist, and consultant for nonprofit organizations. When not reading, writing, or coaching her clients, she enjoys taking dance and yoga classes, journaling, and body rolling to classic 'N Sync and Britney Spears songs.