15 Minute Pre-bed Yoga Sequence for PCOS

Hi there! I’m back with another yoga video. This one is for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS.) So if you have PCOS, this one’s for you!

Why yoga for PCOS? According to research, yoga can:

You can learn tons more about yoga’s positive effects for women with PCOS by visiting this article I wrote for PCOS Nutrition Center here. You can also learn more about PCOS + Yoga including yoga poses, breath work, meditation, and the science behind yoga’s benefits for PCOS in the PCOS + Yoga Guide.

Since getting a regular period, decreasing insulin resistance, and reducing body and facial hair are the three things I’m asked to help women with the most, yoga is clearly an important adjunct therapy to explore. Notice I said adjunct. Yoga should not be seen as an alternative to medical care. It’s meant to enhance medical treatment, not replace it.

Even if you decide to forgo some of the conventional treatments like metformin, birth control pills, or spironolactone, I highly recommend you find a doctor or nurse practitioner to monitor your labs and symptoms. Now that that PSA is out of the way. Let’s get back to why you might want to explore yoga for your PCOS symptoms.

Since posting this and other PCOS yoga videos, I’ve received some amazing messages and comments about how these videos have helped women regulate their periods, turn off the negative self-talk, feel calm and hopeful about trying to conceive for the first time in years, and reduce pain.

This pre-bed flow is a quick way to prepare for bed (sleep is crucial for hormone balance, ovulation, blood sugar balance, and fertility), promote blood flow to your reproductive organs, and calm your mind.


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