Wet Your Whistle with Water for Fertility and Wellness

drop-of-water-545377_1280 Can you tell by the title, that I love alliteration? Know what I love more? Sharing information with you to help you stay healthy and fertile, while reminding myself to practice what I preach. If there is one thing I NEED to be reminded to do, it is drink more water. Do you need the same reminder? How it is so many of us forget to drink the most plentiful, and arguably the most important substance in the world, amazes me. Water is essential to preserving our health, yet so often we treat as if it were optional.

It plays a vital role in maintaining body temperature, delivering nutrients to our cells, as well as carrying waste from our cells. Improving your fertility is one more reason to drink more water. It is especially important as a replacement for sugar filled and artificially sweetened drinks if they make up the bulk of the fluid you take in in a day.

Multiple studies have found a connection between regularly drinking soda (diet and regular) and infertility. A study published in 2012 upholds what we have learned from several similar studies which found those who drank the most soda were less likely to get pregnant.

If you are like me you may be wondering if it was the caffeine in these drinks that negatively affected the women's ability to get pregnant. Surprisingly, the research leads us to think it is something else entirely. Caffeine containing tea doesn't seem to reduce the chance of becoming pregnant, nor does coffee. There is some speculation about what is exactly to blame but we aren't quite sure yet. What we do know for sure is water is a safe bet and our bodies desperately need it.

What keeps you from drinking enough water? What tips do you have to drink more of it?

Kendra Tolbert1 Comment