Does Drinking Tea Help or Hurt Fertility?

teabag-550397_1280 The water and fertility post got my wheels spinning (dangerous, believe me) about different beverages and fertility.

We know soda is no good for fertility and water is always a good choice, but are there any drinks that actually boost fertility? Fortunately, the same study I referred to yesterday had some information about tea drinking and fertility. Yay!

The researchers of this study found women who drank 2 or more cups of tea each day had higher fertility rates than those who did not drink any tea at all. With the antioxidants and other health protective phytochemicals found in tea, it makes sense that there appears to be a positive connection between tea drinking and fertility.

It is unclear if the increased fertility seen in this group is solely because of the tea or if it is because tea drinkers might have other healthy habits that is upping their pregnancy rates. What is clear is drinking most kinds of tea certainly doesn't seem to hurt.

Now, there are some herbal teas that might actually hinder attempts at pregnancy, notably hibiscus (make sure to check the ingredient list of your teas; hibiscus is not always included in the name of many teas.) In animal studies hibiscus extracts have been shown to prevent pregnancy or cause a miscarriage at certain doses. If you are actively trying to conceive or are currently pregnant many herbalists, healthcare professionals, and scientific studies discourage drinking or eating hibiscus. But, with so many different kinds of teas out there to choose from, giving up just one type will still leave you with quite the selection.

Kendra TolbertComment