Beyond Food: 4 Lifestyle Choices Affecting Fertility

I tend to focus on foods, nutrients, and dietary patterns and their affect on women's health on this blog. Which completely makes sense, I am a dietitian nutritionist and I prefer to stay in my lane. But I would be remiss to not at least acknowledge the other lifestyle factors that play a role in fertility and infertility. Enjoy this infographic made by yours truly over at Piktochart, which I am borderline obsessed with.

Text from infographic

Fertility and Infertility

Effect of Lifestyle Choices

Fertility Facts

Definition of infertile: not able to become or sty pregnant after one or more

Men and women are affected by infertility equally.

1 in 8 couples have trouble getting and staying pregnant

Remember! Lifestyle choices affect fertility.

Limit alcohol. No more than 2 drinks for men, and 1 drink for men. Too much alcohol can impair fertility.

Quit smoking. Smoking decreases fertility for men and women. 13% of infertility in women is attributed to cigarette smoking.

Practice safe sex. Chlamydia and other STIs can cause infertility.

Maintain a healthy weight. This doesn’t mean being a certain prescribed BMI or weight. Your healthy, happy, fertile weight is unique to you. Whatever weight you’re at when you eat a variety foods you enjoy that support your overall wellbeing, move in fun ways, practice stress management techniques, and get ample sleep is your body’s ideal weight.