3 Ways to Use Essential Oils

I. AM. OBSESSED, absolutely obsessed with essential oils. I have always dabbled with using them but after putting together some wellness tips with the health educator at the clinic I work in, I decided to get serious about learning more about aromatherapy. I recently completed an introduction to aromatherapy course and have decided to work on getting certified next year. And I fully intend to share the wealth of knowledge I gain along the way with you lovely folks.

There are so many oils and so many ways to use them, it would take forever to cover it all.  So I will share just a few of my faves. My three favorite ways to use them are:

  1. To add therapeutic effects to body oils used for massage and general use after bathing;
  2. As a room mist to freshen the air without questionable chemicals; and
  3. Mixed into coconut oil in glass roll on vials to rub on my wrist for a quick pick me up throughout the day.

1. Therapeutic Body and Massage Oil

This one was a lifesaver when some disrespectfully painful cramps hit me unexpectedly. 10 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of peppermint oil mixed into 2 oz of unscented body oil massaged onto my back and stomach greatly dulled the unwelcome pain. The peppermint oil contains menthol, the same stuff that makes Icy Hot an effective topical pain reliever.

2. Natural Air Freshener

So after watching "The Human Experiment" on Netflix, I became determined to find less toxic ways to clean and freshen my house. One of the first things I created was an air freshener which also doubles as a body mist. In a dark glass bottle with a spray top, mix up to 30 drops total of any combo of essential oils with 2 oz of water. My favorite is 30 drops of lavender or 10 drops each of three different citrus oils.

3. Fragrant Rollerball

Finding a refillable rollerball can be difficult, but I was able to find one at Whole Foods in their Whole Body department. I like to fill mine with citrus oils since I usually bring it to work. A quick roll across my wrist and a few sniffs work wonders to perk me up after lunch, when I am prone to slide into a food coma. 1 oz of a carrier oil (coconut was my oil of choice during the summer, but since it turns solid at colder temps, I will probably switch soon) with 3-4 drops of 3 different citrus oils or 10 drops of one oil is all you need.

Since I am still a newbie to the wonderful world of aromatherapy, I am on the search for reputable sources of information. If you know of any, please share below.

Have a great week everyone!

Kendra Tolbert2 Comments