Five Minute Fertility Yoga Flows

Five Minute Fertility Yoga

Hi there,

Recently, I shared four five-minute fertility yoga flows over on IGTV. Each video included poses to support the hormonal and physical changes of each phase of your cycle, which ultimately serves to optimize your fertility.

Check out the videos below for yoga asanas tailored to each part of your menstrual cycle and make sure to follow me on Instagram (or visit the blog at the end of next month) for next month’s women’s health yoga series: PCOS + Yoga!

Have PCOS? Learn more about PCOS + Yoga including yoga poses, breath work, meditation, and the science behind yoga’s benefits for PCOS in the PCOS + Yoga Guide.

I’m so excited to share these videos with you! Hope you enjoy!

Yoga for the First Phase (aka your period)

The poses for this phase:

  • promote the downward flow of energy and menstrual fluid to help your body shed the uterine lining. Which is super important because shedding that lining sets the stage for the next phase.

  • stretch and relax the hips and upper back. This goes a long way in relieving cramps and period pain.

  • encourages introspection. If you’re anything like me, you need lots of down time and alone time during your period. These poses give you a chance to quiet your mind and check in with yourself.

Yoga for the Second Phase (aka the follicular phase)

The poses for this phase:

  • enhance blood and energy circulation to your ovaries to nourish your developing eggs.

  • calm your mind and reset your nervous system. ‘Cause stress stress relief works wonders for hormone health.

  • supports digestion. And it’s those well digested foods that provide the nutrients your body needs for healthy hormones and optimal fertility.

Yoga for the Third Phase (aka ovulation)

The poses for this phase:

  • spark heat and movement around your pelvis to encourage the release of your egg from the ovary.

  • gets the blood and energy flowing through your body.

  • stimulates the meridians associated with joy and communication. The ovulatory phase is when most of us feel most sociable and extroverted. Which makes sense since it’s also the time when we’re most fertile.

Yoga for the Fourth Phase (aka the luteal phase)

The poses for this phase:

  • create a cozy uterine environment for the potentially fertilized egg by encouraging warmth along with blood and energy flow to your uterus.

  • soothe anxious thoughts (really important if you’re waiting to find out if you’re pregnant.)

  • leave you feeling nourished and nurtured during the premenstrual phase in preparation for your period if you’re not trying to conceive.