PCOS + Yoga Series

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Hi there,

Last month I posted a poll on my IG to ask my friends over there if I should do a yoga for IVF or yoga for PCOS series. And PCOS + Yoga won! So, here are the four videos I created. They’re all under seven minutes so they’ll definitely fit into your busy schedule.

You can also learn more about PCOS + Yoga including yoga poses, breath work, meditation, and the science behind yoga’s benefits for PCOS in the PCOS + Yoga Guide.

Oh! And as for the IVF + Yoga videos, they’re coming next month!

I’m so excited to share these with you! Hope you enjoy.

Yoga for the First Phase (aka your period)

The poses for this phase:

  • promote circulation to the ovaries.

  • stretch and relax the lower back.

  • relax your mind and encourage rejuvenation through rest.

Yoga for the Second Phase (aka the follicular phase)

The poses for this phase:

  • increase the blood flow to your ovaries.

  • promote balanced blood sugar by moving large muscle groups.

  • help you connect your movement with your breath, increasing body awareness.

Yoga for the Third Phase (aka ovulation)

The poses for this phase:

  • are all about joy and feeling good

  • decrease self-consciousness

  • encourage ovulation and create warmth in your pelvic region

Yoga for the Fourth Phase (aka the luteal phase)

The poses for this phase:

  • send blood, energy, and nutrients to your uterus to promote a healthy uterine lining (and implantation if that’s what you’re going for!)

  • open your hips and release tension in your pelvis

  • relax you physically and mentally

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