IVF + Yoga Series

IVF ART IUI Egg Freezing Yoga

Hi there,

I’m super excited to share this series with you. While it’s titled IVF + Yoga, these videos are also great if you’re doing cryopreservation (fancy for egg freezing) or IUI. Each video is tailored to a different phase of ART. This is simply the way I think of the phases, your medical team may discuss and categorize them differently.

Phase 1: Suppression

During this first phase, your reproductive endocrinologist might decide to place you on birth control or lupron to prevent ovulation and better time your treatment.

Phase 2: Stimming and retrieval

Stimming is the process of stimulating your ovaries to produce multiple follicles. This is done through hormone injections. When the time is right, you’ll then do a trigger shot. Which will cause your ovaries to release mature eggs (aka ovulate). Your provider will them retrieve them. What happens next will depend on your treatment plan and the procedure you’re undergoing.

Phase 3: Transfer and the two week wait

Last comes the transfer and two week wait. Immediately after your provider transfers your embryo into your uterus, you’re in the two week wait (TWW.) This is the time between your transfer and your pregnancy test.

Yoga + Suppression

The poses for this phase:

  • promote circulation to the reproductive

  • encourage communication between the brain, heart, and uterus

  • relieve stress and dispel nervous energy

Yoga + Stimming/ Retrieval

The poses for this phase:

  • promote a healthy uterine lining

  • encourage the development of healthy follicles

  • build resilience and the ability to breathe through discomfort (important for those injections!)

Yoga + Transfer and the two week wait

The poses for this phase:

  • connect breath to movement, encouraging relaxation

  • bring attention to heart and womb

  • gently move the pelvis to encourage warmth and circulation to the uterus, creating a cozy welcoming environment for the transferred embryo