Yoga Poses for PMS

PMS + Yoga - Relieve cramps, thigh, hip, and back pain (2).png

So one of the things that got me super interested in women’s health and yoga was my own experience with mind bogglingly painful menstrual cramps. Those things would literally floor me. I was quite literally writhing around on the floor in pain every single month for a day or two. It was no good. One day, I finally got fed up with it and made all the changes I could think to make and slowly but surely, things got better.

One of the things that worked wonders was yoga.

Based on the results of a quick poll I took on IG, it seems like I’m not the only one who has had period cramps knock them completely out of the game. And since I found so much relief from yoga, I created these two sequences to help you find relief too. These are the poses I do a few days before and during my period. I hope you have the same sort of results I’ve found.

You can read more about my PMS and period journey here. And you can read an article I was featured in about yoga for PMS here.

The next two videos I’ll be sharing will be geared towards women with endometriosis. Can’t wait to get those to you!